Miraflores, Lima Perú

Miraflores is the tourist district of Lima, has a modern infrastructure, highlighting the malls, streets tidy and safe. Its green areas are comfortable and calm and has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. The residents of Miraflores are very attentive to visitors, you can walk calmly in Miraflores.

In Miraflores there is a great number of hotels and inns, restaurants offering both local and international dishes, all these services are offered at all economic levels. For the fun can attend the theater, cinema, or an art gallery, Miraflores has an active cultural life. The discos and pubs that are very busy, try our delicious Pisco Sour and enjoy music from rock, pop, electronic music, salsa and cumbia, the movement is spectacular weekend.

A central route that can traverse on foot is from the "Ovalo" Miraflores, which connects to Central Park, here are the main church and the building of the hall, the famous "Street of pizzas," the oval began Avenue Larco, which has about 12 blocks, giving the Salazar Park, which houses a shopping and entertainment complex called "Larcomar." On the way may find numerous shops, banks, Internet Casinos, clothing, telephone, etc. photography.

Other places with a lot of movement are the oval that Gutierrez is at the limit with the district of San Isidro, where you find good alternatives to eat, drink, have a good time, or simply view the latest releases of motion pictures.

If you want a superb view of the sea, traverse the entire route of the cliffs on the "Malecón de la reserva" and the "Malecón Armendariz". The visit "Parque del Amor" and shopping mall "Larcomar". This area is practiced in the flight, there are instructors of the sport if he dares to go miraflores from the air, at the bottom in "Waikiki" beaches and "Mahaha" can practice surfing, it's quite an influx of fans to this type of adventure sport.

If you are looking to buy crafts we encourage you to visit the business premises of crafts tours of the "Av. Petit Tours" near the "ovalo" of Miraflores, where products are marketed in different regions of the country.

And for lovers of antiques, at "Av. la paz" block 6, and "Av. Belisario Suarez" block 13, located several shops devoted to this specialty. If you are looking for jewelry found in many local blocks 2 to 5 "Av. La Paz".

Do not forget that much of what the charming city of Lima is in this district, Come to travel.