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Miraflores is the cultural, commercial and tourist center of Lima

Miraflores is a district of Lima (Peru), prosperous and a great movement commercial, cultural and tourism. Miraflores is a great development focused on commercial business, real state & property and tourism services, but despite its modernity, this district possesses a rich history and cultural wealth, preserving important legacies of our pre-Columbian culture, Inca and colonial.

In Miraflores you can perform many activities tourist, cultural, and entertainment, as in Miraflores you will find a lot of establishments like hotels, restaurants, bars, cinemas, handicrafts stores, jewelry stores, flower shops, boutiques and so on., Which together with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, its well-kept parks and quiet and safety of walking down streets, make it one of the districts most beautiful, traditional and historical in the city of Lima.

Among the main tourist attractions to be found in Miraflores are the Huaca Pucllana, Kennedy Park or Central Park of Miraflores, seawalls, Larco Mar Mall, the Avenue of the Pizzas, "Milagosa Virgin" Church, Love Park; besides beautiful parks and gardens, excellent rooms and art galleries, restaurants, cafes, casinos, nightclubs, hostels, backpackers, travel agencies, exchange offices, gyms, beauty salons, plastic surgery centers and dental etc.

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